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Temples within Dwarkadhish Jagad Mandir

Some of the Temples Important Temples in Dwarka are Dwarkadhish Temple, Trivikramji’s temple, Madhavraiji’s temple, Lakshminarayan temple, Durvasamuni’stemple, Devakiji’s temple.

You can also visit Shankaracharya’s Math, Bhadkeshvar Mahadev, Chhappan sidhi, Siddheshwar temple, Indreshwar temple, Gomati ghaat, Sangam Narayan temple, Chakranarayan temple, Sankirtan Mandir, Maha Prabhuji’s Baithak Bhadrakali temple, Kashivishvanathji’s temple, Rukmaniji’s temple, Baldevji’s temple, Vasudevji’s temple, Siddheshvar Mahadev Temple.

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Detail Information of Places Surrounding Dwarka

  • Bet Dwarka :

    A twenty minute ferry ride from the port town of Okha, takes one to the island of Bet Dwarka, where Lord Krishna was supposed to have met his friend Sudama. Dotted with many temples of religious significance, the island also has immense historical heritage with excavations revealing it to be a center of Indo Roman trade many centuries ago.
  • Nageshwar Mahadeva Temple :

    This powerful jyotirlinga symbolizes protection from all poisons and those who pray to the Nageshwar therefore become poison free. It is among of 12 jyotirlingas.
  • Harshidhi Temple :

    The temple is situated on the top and bottom of Koyla Hill. Harsidhi Matatji is also known as Ambica Mataji and Kalki Mataji. The local people call her Harshad Mata.
  • Gopi lake :

    Gopis used to take bath in this lake so its called gopi talav. the red mud aroundt the lake is called `Gopi Chandan'. It is included into dwarka darshan. The main attraction of the gopi lake is Mahaprabhuji bethak.
  • Porbandar :

    Porbandar pronunciation is a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. The famous places of porbandar are Sudama temple, Bharat mandir, Tara mandir, Kirti mandir etc.

Places Around Dwarka

Nageshware Mahadev

Bet Dwarka

Gopi Talav

Rukmaniji Mandir